Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

If you work in the building industry you will have come across CIS. The regime can be bewildering and applies to both sub-contractors and contractors. A self-employed contractor or small business can be both a sub-contractor and a contractor at the same time!

If you use self-employed contractors (sub-contractors) you will need to comply with CIS regulations before you can pay them, there are monthly returns to file and penalties if filing dates are missed. As a sub-contractor you also need to register and comply with CIS and you may find that your customers make deductions from their payments to you.

I have worked within the construction industry for many years and can help you through the process of registering and keeping records:

Assistance with registration.
Maintain records.
Manage payments to and deductions from your sub contractors.
Manage payments to and reclaims from HMRC.
Ensure returns are filed correctly.
Integrate with payroll and PAYE records if appropriate.

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